With fierce competition for the top ranks from the 3rd week, Gen.G and Liv Sandbox meet with 4 wins and 1 loss.

On the 3rd, Gen.G and Liv Sandbox will compete head-to-head in two matches on the 3rd day of the 3rd week of the ‘2023 League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) Spring’ held at Roll Park in Jongno-gu, Seoul. Both teams have in common that they have won 4 straight games after losing their first game, and one of the two teams will put an end to that winning streak.

As T1 lost to Hanwha Life Esports on the 2nd, there was a change in the leaderboard, which was expected to be a solo run by T1. Gen.G tied for 1st place with T1, and Liv Sandbox is in 3rd place with the same 4 wins and 1 loss as the two teams, only being pushed back in the set. Gen.G, who faced a formidable opponent called T1-Dplus Kia (DK) in the first round, will be able to further accelerate his winning streak if he wins this match, and if he wins, the Liv Sandbox will face T1, the last opponent of the first round of the 5th week. Until then, you can stably add multipliers and increase your chances of advancing to the playoffs.

If there is something that makes Gen.G smile, it is that the experienced and skilled upper body line holds up well, and the newcomer Kim “Faze” Soo-hwan’s skills are blooming splendidly every day. Kim Soo-hwan’s KDA is 8.1 and his kill involvement rate is 70.7%, which is a big part of his team. From the standpoint of Gen.G, which has to compete with strong teams such as T1 and DK, if it beats the Liv Sandbox, it will prepare a stepping stone to challenge for the championship. 토토사이트

From the point of view of the live sandbox, Gen.G is a difficult opponent to defeat, but the gains from overpowering it are even greater. Along with winning streaks, it is possible not only to rise to first place by multiplier, but also to further increase the chances of advancing to the playoffs. In particular, in the case of the live sandbox, the set gains and losses are the worst even on the 4-1 line, so it is more important than anything else to accumulate multipliers in order not to fall behind in the ranking competition. Whether or not the mountain of Gen.G can be crossed is likely to be the biggest turning point in Liv Sandbox’s spring split.

Gen.G and Liv Sandbox met on a single wooden bridge during a high-ranking match. One team’s winning streak will definitely end, and the other team will rise to the top spot with 5 consecutive wins. Whose hand will the goddess of victory raise in this match where losing is too much? The results can be confirmed through Korean language relay through Naver and Afreeca TV.

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