[Beamerpick] Korea defeats powerhouse France 2-1…Round of 16 express train starts!
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Our national soccer team got off to a strong start at the U-20 World Cup, winning their first match against powerhouse France.

After defending well against an early French attack, our players were caught off guard by a quick counterattack in the 22nd minute.

Kim Yong-hak set up the perfect opportunity, and captain Lee Seung-won rattled the net in a one-on-one situation with the goalkeeper.

Kim Yong-hak’s counter-attack was a cog in the wheel.

In the second half, the Koreans, who had been fending off a more aggressive French attack with their bodies, scored another goal from a promising set piece.

In the 19th minute of the second half, long striker Lee Young-joon celebrated after he redirected a short free kick from Lee Seung-won with his head.

However, shortly after the goal, goalkeeper Kim Jun-hong suffered a head injury when he collided with a charging opponent.

There was a vague warning that the goalkeeper hadn’t touched the ball, and a penalty kick was awarded, which we conceded, bringing us back to within one goal 토토사이트.

With over eight minutes of added time, France pushed forward, but Kim Joon-hong made a flying save to preserve his goal.

After beating the mighty French 2-1, our players bundled up and celebrated.

Korea now faces Honduras and The Gambia, two relatively easy opponents.

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