The team that interrupted Chung-Ang University’s 5-game winning streak was Kyunghee University, which fell into a swamp with 4 consecutive losses. Kyung Hee University grabbed Chung-Ang University and sprinted for 2 consecutive wins after 4 consecutive losses. At the center was Kim Seo-won, a top-notch freshman.

Kyunghee University won 62-56 in the match against Chung-Ang University in the 2023 KUSF College Basketball U-League held at Kyunghee University Seonseunggwan on the 12th.

With this victory, Kyung Hee University ran for its first consecutive win of the season, and had a midterm break with a season record of 2 wins and 4 losses. On the other hand, Chung-Ang University, which was on a 5-game winning streak, suffered its first loss of the season after being caught by Kyunghee University.

Kyung Hee University’s freshman Kim Seo-won led the team to victory with 20 points and 5 rebounds, including a key score in the 4th quarter. Hwang Young-chan also played a big role in the offense and defense, recording 11 points, 6 rebounds, 5 assists and 6 steals.

Chung-Ang University struggled with 18 points from Lee Joo-young and 12 points and 10 rebounds from Lee Kang-hyun, but it was regrettable that they focused on the winner after the last chase.

Kyung Hee University took the lead from the first quarter. At the height of Chung-Ang University, they struggled at the beginning of the game, but after Kim Soo-oh was put in, they took the initiative and widened the gap. It was effective to shake the defense of the central university with a quick counterattack and early offense following strong pressure. In the middle of the second quarter, Kyung Hee University took a double-digit lead.

However, the central university was also not easy. From the first quarter, Kyunghee University caused many fouls and continued the pursuit with free throws. Ace Lee Joo-young also led the attack with successful jumpers at every turn. Eventually, the gap between the two teams narrowed, and the first half ended with Kyunghee University narrowly leading 34-33.

In the third quarter, a turnaround occurred again. Kyung Hee University tied the score of Chung-Ang University with a 3-2 zone defense. Chung-Ang University handed over the initiative to Kyung Hee University’s zone defense, seldom scoring a goal. In addition, Kyung Hee University added a goal with a quick break and 3 points, taking a double-digit lead again. 카지노사이트

From the end of the 3rd quarter, Chung-Ang University used the 2-3 zone to tie up Kyunghee University’s attack and continued the chase, and in the 4th quarter, it was chased by 3 points at one time. However, they failed to pursue Kyunghee University’s 3-2 zone effectively. Kyung Hee University put a wedge in the game by widening the gap with Kim Seo-won’s goal at the end of the 4th quarter as well as a counterattack.

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